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    By Miracle Tea
    Ruya is a calming puzzle game. There are 64 handcrafted puzzles presented within 8 floaty worlds each with their own dreamy soundtrack. On the surface, Ruya looks like your typical match game, but its much more than that. It comes from a deeply personal place and pulls from spiritual teachers like Ram Dass, Alan Watts. The diegesis in Ruya explores themes of parenthood, single mothers, the loss of ego and sleep. With all this in mind, we very much wanted to re-imagine the match puzzle genre.
    In Ruya, we subtly normalize same-sex love and adoption in attempt to make a shift to the collective consciousness. Ruya in Turkish means dream, which also a common name for girls. We hope that some comfort is found in its story for those who are at a time in their lives that are battling with their identity. It’s both a peaceful game and a sleep aid. Our intent is always to design something that tries to benefit our players or simply touch them in a meaningful way. Insomnia is a significant issue among our peers and to us personally, so we wanted to create a soothing place to visit before bed. The game features binaural beats, an auditory illusion commonly found in sleep apps that alter your state of consciousness into a hypnotic state. There are no ads, no pop-ups telling you to rate it, no gimmicks. Ruya is 99p, what you see is what you get. It’s a niche game and we made for a special kind of person.
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