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Beat the Clock
By Mastodonte
The end of humanity is near. A monster, awaken from the depths of the Earth, is about to bring the world to heel. It is now past the point of no return. Our future is now lost.. But there is still a glimmer of hope! If extinction is now unavoidable, this has not always been the case. A chronomancer plans to revive the greatest heroes of all time and send them into the past to prevent the invasion before it became too late. But the clock is ticking. RUN!
RUNNER Calmly making your way through dungeons as humanity is on the verge of collapse? There is no time for this sort of bullshit! Rush through dungeons at a race pace and dodge the obstacles while collecting precious resources. > Be as fast as you can, as your Chronium is running out > Rely on your sharpest reflexes > Take swift decisions which will have definitive consequences RPG Pick your team from a large roster of unique heroes and face the threat responsible for the end of humanity. Beat The Clock offers a dynamic turn-based combat system: whatever your choice is, it will have to be made quickly! > An epic adventure through time > A (very!) large roster of heroes from different time periods > A dynamic turn-based combat experience ROGUE-LIKE Beat The Clock has randomly generated game mechanics from a wealth of different conditions and a large selection of single-use heroes: those heroes constitute your ‘lives’, and there is no ‘continue’ option upon their deaths. > Permadeath > Randomised game mechanics > Numerous passive bonuses to unlock
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