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    Death Has A Million Stomping Boots
    By CaptainD
    Getting a quick job to transport a package from one planet to another can't be that difficult, right? Unfortunately this is Captain Disaster we're talking about so yes, yes it can.
    Captain Disaster takes a job delivering a package from Acturus-1 to Proboscis Major - not realising that he is actually transporting something that will put the entire galaxy in danger! Though just getting the package in the first place is quite a challenge in itself... Our intrepid nitwit investigates interesting peculiar people, puzzling places and panicky problems along the way to saving the day, once he finally realises that something is wrong. Expect lots of laughs and head-scratching dilemmas before you reach the shocking conclusion and find out what all this "Million Stomping Boots" business is actually about! Game Details: - Classic point-and-click adventure gaming action with a few new twists - Retro 320x200 resolution graphics - Fully voiced - Epic music score - Plenty of puzzles - Plenty of adventure - Plenty of comedy This game has been a labour of love by 2 devs (CaptainD and TheBitPriest) - who should know better, but just can't help loving the genre - with help from multiple other people over time. We were inspired by the classic adventure games produced by Lucasfilm Games and Sierra, and believe we have created something that will hopefully, like those games, stand the test of time. Reviews: Just Adventure (Rating: A-): "What I loved most about this game is that it is well-written with a delightful sense of comic humor." The Loot Gaming (Rating: 7.7 / 10.0): "a throwback point and click adventure with a nice, comical, story" X-Geeks (Rating 4/5): "It’s everything a point and click game should be and more!" The Reticule (Rating: On Target): "As a light-hearted comedy adventure with a few head-scratching puzzles, any fans of Space Quest or Zac McKracken will find plenty here to enjoy." BigBossBattle: "Captain Disaster turned out to be an incredibly in-depth adventure with a world more vivid than we imagined" Wraithkal: "An absolutely bonkers, dangerous, grand adventure!"
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