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    By Fesa Mobile
    Z.Blocks a puzzle based game. Have a uniqe mechanic with reflex & timing game. To be successful, cross the obstacles and reach red from red. The levels will be getting harder and more fun. - One touch gameplay - Non stop zigzag character. - 50+ levels - Modern, Minimalist & Clean UI - Different blocks, different puzzles. Have a fun & explore adventure!
    In life all people are moving from one point to another. It's just like in our game. In a simple world, it is our only duty to bring our hero from the red point to the other red. It's a pretty simple task. It's like taking a coke and chips from the market. But you can not imagine life without an enemy. In our world, you need strong reflexes and the right time. Discover adventure with Zigzag drawing characters! Get rid of the enemies! Reach your target! Be happy!
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