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    Cosmos Invictus
    By Pegnio
    Choose your faction and embark on an epic fight to determine the fate of humanity in Cosmos Invictus, an interstellar collectible card game. Prepare to engage in intense, strategic battles with a variety of customizable ships, and pilots!
    In the 25th century, Earth has undergone drastic climate change, and its resources have been depleted – forcing humans to evacuate the planet to colonize the rest of the solar system. But they soon discover that our solar system had been visited and explored by alien races long ago – from ample evidence such as non-human monuments and relics on the surface of far-distant moons and planets, and scattered remains of advanced technology. Alien races were drawn to Earth in search of r are solar elements (RSEs) – incredibly energy-rich elements that do not exist on Earth but can be found throughout the rest of the solar system. RSEs are the power source for alien tech – and it is believed they will eventually enable humans to unlock the secrets of interstellar travel and explore the galaxy beyond the bounds of our solar system. The discovery of RSEs and alien tech has changed everything – galvanizing the human race as nothing ever had before. As a result, humanity split into two rival factions that soon clashed over how best to exploit these new discoveries.
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