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    God Damn Cardgame
    By Chrioyles
    God Damn Cardgame is a collectable cardgame with short rounds of fun! Play through the campaign, practice or play against other player in ranked games!
    Come and join the community of god damn cardgame! Strange creatures captured the world and are about to drop the largest god damn party! Play through the campaign against 40 different monsters to earn all the cards you need to climb the ladder! Choose between 90 different cards to create the most successful tactic! Choose from one of three totally unique starter decks! God Damn Cardgame is easy to play after you find out how to play it. -> Actually there is no tutorial! <- Supported languages are: english and german. More are about to come! An iOS app is about to be released soon aswell. The game is currently in development phase and you might experience visual problems on some devices. Bug reports and improvement wishes are very welcome! Follow us on Social Media to receive the latest news and updates: Twitter: https://twitter.com/goddamncardgame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/God-Damn-Cardgame-650802385043591/ Donations are welcome and are used to improve the game.
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