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    Bubble Stash
    By RaMyApps
    Bubble Stash is a fun highscore game where you need to sort blue and orange bubbles. One mistake and you're out! Fortunately, power-ups will appear to help you!
    Sort the blue and orange bubbles in their matching boxes. Be careful not to drop a bubble in the wrong box! Ready your reflexes because the bubbles will respawn faster as you play this endless highscore game. Hurry or all the bubbles will explode! Some power-ups will help you a great deal when your screen is swarmed with bubbles! Avoid certain items because you will have a hard time sorting the bubbles. There are many skins for the bubbles to collect! Challenge your friends and see who can stash the most bubbles! Features : * Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay * Global leaderboard * Funny and challenging achievements * More than 40 different skins for the bubbles split into different categories (food, sports, celestial bodies, country flags) This game is still young and I'm open to suggestions, feel free to write me at ramyapps.mob@gmail.com or on social media. Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RaMyApps/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/RaMy_Apps
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