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    Brick Doubt 2
    By noahbwilson
    Brickout? Bustamove? Neither? Both? Check out Brick Doubt, an explosive twist on the classic arcade game! Blow up blocks. Collect powerups. Compete against others!
    The Bricks are back, and this time they are after Dr. Moorhead! In the sequel to the critically acclaimed arcade App, smash bricks like never before with new power-ups and weapons. Watch out for Gold Bricks that are both a pain to destroy, but highly explosive. Play Smash Mode and smash as many bricks as you can in this rapid-fire marathon. Be sure to sign up with the SCP Network to join your State Team and compete against other U.S. States. - Collect new powerups like Blasters and Dual Bouncers - Deal with new "20" Gold Bricks that will slow down you progress - Play Smash Mode with faster, weaker blocks - Compete against others on the SCP Leaderboards - Collect SCP Coins for use in other SCP Games
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