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    Zombie Blocky Hunter
    By CyberGoldfinch
    ☣️ It's unclear where these zombies come from. Maybe some crazy scientist was experimenting in his laboratory. Or maybe it is the result of bad ecology. But now they have appeared and want to eat your brains. ☣️ There are not many people left in the whole city. Survivors are afraid to leave the house. The army is fighting with zombies. However, they do not have time to protect ordinary people. So you decided not to hide at home. You and your friend decided to fight back the zombies. GAME FEATURES: ✓ Dynamic battles! ✓ Funny cubic characters. ✓ 30 levels and a bunch of evil zombies ✓ Lots of blood. ✓ Dangerous bosses. ✓ Upgrades. Fight and become stronger. ✓ Get parcels with equipment and upgrade your weapons. ✓ Do combo from killing zombies! ✓ Character customization. Customize the appearance of the character as you like. Are you ready? Then download Zombie Blocky Hunter and fight! 🔫
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