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Perseverance: Full Clearance
By Bizarre Monkey
In Dystopian Neo-London a red cat and his allies fight to free the people from the oppressive reign of the Highlord Naxon and his not-so-merry men. A Run n' Gun with a Soul and lots of charm.
Do you like shooting stuff? Do you like charming, well rounded characters? Do you like plot twists? Do you like Red Cordial. If the first three answer yes, then Perseverance: Full Clearance, may just be your game. The Story revolves around an oppressed people and in particular, a union who's lack of planning may be the only way to stop it. PFC is a Run N' Gun with lots of cool weapons, some power ups, varying mobs and incredible bosses, all delivered in an atmospheric HD artist's wrapper, and with an impressive music score! Until Download buttons get fixed, here's a hassle-free link.
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