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    By Retrogene Studio
    Spinsling is a free mobile game for Android, where your goal is to survive for as long as you can with fun physics based controls. Collect berries along the way, and spend them on customization for your cute critters.
    Soar through the magical world of SpinSling as you escape the clutches of evil! With the powerful magic that binds them together, the little critters must spin and sling their way past bombs, spikes, misplaced explosive sheep and more! Choose among 20+ critters, dress them up in costumes that are all silly, fun and cool and fly with them through worlds you have never seen before. Collect power-ups that will help you gather delicious strawberries for all that unlockable goodness or to turn you into the cutest ball of destruction that anyone has ever witnessed. How far can you SpinSling?
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