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    Paper Escape
    By Kollegekidapps
    Paper Escape - Fun filled action and adventure! - Creative and unique characters to unlock! - Surprise final escape scene! - Simple game play controls! - Addictive gaming! - Easy to learn , hard to master!
    Paper escape is a simple runner and platform game experience, taking place in the notebook of a brilliant artist, a notebook which you must escaped from. Upon discovering you are not just a sketch in his notebook but are self-aware and destined to be more the artist begins to sets traps throughout the pages to stop you. Do you have what it takes to escape? Forward, backwards, and jump. With these simple game controls you make your way through pages and up a line at a time avoiding traps and obstacles. As you get closer to escaping it becomes progressively harder including some areas that require strategy, skill, and reflexes. As you play you are rewarded with stars which can be used to customize your sketch. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Very few people will escape and reach the end but that's what makes escaping so much better. Once you have escaped you can contact the Paper Escape twitter page with a screenshot of the final scene and you will be featured in the next update as an escapee.
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