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By Misspeld Games
In this two dimensional, local-multiplayer, fighting, platformer you battle against up to four of your friends to push them out into the void and claim the throne as the one and only Sling Master.
In Ballimals you play as a selection of ball-shaped animal whose main source of movement is swinging back and forth with a sling. All characters share two basic moves, but have one special ability exclusive only to that character. Basic Move: Sling, A-Button: Throw out the sling in the direction of the joystick. The sling can connect to the level itself, other players or objects scattered throughout the level. Once connected you can reel yourself in our out as well as swing back and forth. Using the move again will free you from the sling. The sling is on a short cooldown. Basic Move: Block/Dash, X-Button: Click the button and dash in the direction of the joystick. The dash resets all previous momentum. This ability has a slightly longer cooldown than the sling.
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