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Nuka Gangs
By atypikk
Welcome to the Lands of Aty ! A world that you can explore, conquer, and even leave by travelling in parallel universes ! Fight mutants, zombies, monsters, and even whole realms ! Choose your character and customize it through level up in order to do what you want ! Steal spells and attacks from enemies ! Recruit units in order to create your own squad and develop great tactics ! Are you ready to live many lives ?
This is a very unique game and the project and the demo are on Kickstarter now ! Don't hesitate to support me ;) : Features already in the demo : An Action-RPG-Strategy-Roguelike game set in an Heroic-Fantasy-Post-Apocalyptic universe ! An entire world to conquer ! Unlimited replay value ! Real-time fast-paced battles ! Travel in unlimited procedurally generated parallel universes in a roguelike style ! Customize accurately your stats to create a very unique character ! Choose your name, your squad's flag, and your squad's name ! Squad up to 16 members ! Spread of zombie infection in real time ! Explore scary dungeons in first person view ! Conquer cities or raid them ! Steal spells from all enemies ! Be good or evil, it's up to you ! Elaborate your strategy and manage your squad ! Unlimited procedurally generated weapons and armors ! 5 playable characters ( more than 20 in the final version ) ! 11 different spells ( more than 100 in the final version ) like Zombie Tentacle, Mimetic Absorption, or Cows Rain ! 6 different recruitable units ( more than 50 in the final version ) like soldiers, bandits or pyro-warriors ! 3 scary dungeons ( more than 20 in the final version ) ! 4 kingdoms ( more than 20 in the final version ) ! More than 180 territories to conquer ( more than 1 000 in the final version ) ! 4 different battle environments ( more than 10 in the final version ) like mountains, radioactive deserts, medieval cities, woods ! Exclusive Fractal battle backgrounds ! Future improvements : Fixing bugs ! More game options ! More developed lore, background and storyline ! Better translations ! More balanced gameplay and battles ! More playable characters, units, spells, enemies, territories, environments, dungeons, kingdoms, cities ! You will be able to travel between continents in a ship ! And many more !
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