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    ranger vs zombies
    By keto
    here’s the fun part I guess you will probably get more pleasure killing zombies
    "KETO BEATS ZOMBIES- One of the most loved zombie games for Android. it’s actually fun to play. this is very cool game in which you are the brave keto, and equipped with a fireball gun which rebounds for a limited number of times kills zombies in the air and on land, with shotgun and specials skills keto calling: firestorm, lightning and cold ice. to collect all the items, improvements, coins and prove you it is the best in the world keto!" Really, it’s one among the best in what experience it delivers being a small-sized zombie game. You have to defend your house from the zombies. the difficulty level experienced after playing the game for a while is indeed challenging. The game does not demand a high-end performing device, so you can enjoy playing it even if possess a low-end device.
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