Find the Cube
By Tinylab_Game
The main objective of this addictive endless game is to watch the emplacement of some cubes and try to find them correctly after we hide them. But, keep in mind that you should remember the correct place of each cube as you can find them easily or you will lose. Remember also that there is no timer, so you can take as much time as you want to find the cubes and go to the following level. The game will get harder as your progress on it, but you need to show your reflection memory skills to find as much Cubes as you can. We know that everybody nowadays has an iPhone or iPad and need to appreciate the most addictive games inside his devices, and that is the main reason behind this free game that comes with an amazing environment that you will love. Those are some features that will let you love our new free game and consider it as the best game in its category: - FREE to download and play. No compelling reason to spend cash to feel the adrenaline surge when you play memory match & memory trainer games. - Exotic environment design and immersive sound impacts. We considered everything in this new brain challenging game and we want our players to appreciate it enormously and have a great feeling while playing it. - Very basic and easy gameplay. The game is not difficult to play and anyone can start playing it without watching any tutorial. - Want to play our game anywhere? It’s possible because we support the offline mode and you can enjoy playing even if you don’t have an internet connection. - Find the Cube is a very addictive brain challenge game. You will enjoy playing it for hours non stop! What are you waiting for? Download Find the Cube now and enjoy the best free challenging game ever!
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