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Drift Galaxy
By Heroteh
Enjoy the intergalactic race and become the drift king of the universe!
Jump into deep space on your own car, it’s time to race to be the best driver of the universe. Download it now to run and drift around galaxies! Run on tracks with different vehicles, hung over the space at lightning speed, surrounded by asteroids, meteorites, back holes and all kinds of aliens equipped with laser beams. Many different galaxies scenarios to explore, each one with 9 levels all with increasing difficulties and challenges. Get practice to not touch the walls, run as fast as you can and try again the tracks already visited: you could come across something unexpected. Choose the car that best fits your tastes according to speed, turning and stability. If you like stability, Moskowitch give it to you. However, if you don’t like spare money, look at the Demon car. Pick up valuable gears to buy and improve your cars with extra features such as op suspension, shotgun and other boosts. Improvements are sold in bundle, take care of not wasting them: you can use some of them only once. In the space time runs quickly, save time and improve your drift skills to master the track. Attention to not go off-road, you can get burned! Enjoy the intergalactic race and orbit wild worlds. The key is to find your balance in the deep space to become the drift king of the universe.
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