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Don't Drop Meo
By dorian
Turn and tilt your phone to jump with Meo through 24 levels filled with monsters, diamonds and power-ups. Get the monster zapper, fly a jetpack, chase the starbow! Just be a little careful with that green slime. And don't drop Meo!
Don’t Drop Meo is a casual action game for iPhone and iPad. It features unique game mechanics and controls. In the game you control a cute little character, Meo. You’re jumping on colorful tiles that disappear as you hit them. If you miss a tile, you fall into the void and it’s game over. The goal is to make all tiles disappear. This is not as easy as it sounds because the more tiles you remove, the harder it gets to reach the remaining ones. And Meo’s not alone: monsters are trying to block his way. But there are also helpful power-ups — and not so helpful ones. You must find out what each does as you jump along.
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