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    Hyperstrike Go!
    By fxuboxi
    For those about to fight, we recruit you. Let the games begin! From the zany multiverse comes the first real-time, sci-fi, PvP combat card game. The gaming overlords known as the Spheroids have abducted races from around the universe to compete in cosmic arenas for their gaming pleasure. You are in command of a diverse team to play in the madcap Hyperstrike Games! Engage your team in fantastic, fast paced combat for interstellar fun and fame.
    FEATURES • Race to grab Hyperstrike power ups to gain momentary combat advantages and sometimes surprising results. • Compete against players from around the galaxy in real-time PvP and rip hard earned Medals from their grasp by crushing their towers. • Thrill to the real time 3D characters, FX and locations. • Earn Cosmo Crates to unlock fabulous rewards, collect powerful new unit cards and level up ones you own. • Obliterate your opponent’s towers to unlock rich Victory Crates from the depths of outer space. • Earn rewards, powers and prestige as you level up your team and collection. • An abundance of unique and fascinating cards to collect, upgrade and play. • Construct your ultimate battle deck to defeat your opponents. • Compete in and earn each arena on your way to the top. • Battle in alien, robot and human arenas for galactic glory.
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