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    Freeman: Star Edge
    By KK Game Studio
    Exiled to the edge of a Galaxy full of danger and opportunity; will you become a mercenary, hunting down outlaws? Or will you raise an army to conquer the Galaxy? You could simply explore the surrounding planets, capped with magnificent landscapes and be thriving with wildlife. While the game provides ultimate freedom through gameplay, the player will always be challenged by certain missions and goals.
    1. Your life in another universe: Explore and interact with the world, make money, meet team members, build your home, fight and complete missions... All these game mechanics will immerse you in a unique futuristic lifelike experience. 2. Interesting expedition: Unique planets with different weathers, life forms, resources, enemies, settlements, and missions for you to experience. 3. A vivid and dynamic world: You will encounter random events, such as a group of bloodthirsty bandits brutally attacking travelers.
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