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    The Underground King
    By The Underground King
    The Underground King is an upcoming racing strategy RPG for PC, MAC, Linux & AirConsole where you recruit the city's low-lives, assemble junkyard cars and have them compete in street racing events for profit and infamy!
    Follow the narrative into uncovering your past and prepare for the chaotic scene of the underground street racing. Strategic management of drivers, cars and equipment. Supports your favorite playstyle in a strategy game: builder, earner, killer, achiever, etc. Diverse assortment of random events to keep things fresh and exciting! Hand-drawn graphics with an unique art style. Procedurally generated content. Each play is unique! Rich universe and backstory to explore and uncover. Different types of races with unique rules and diverse locations. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1026847873/the-underground-king-rpg-narrative-strategy-racing
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