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    Mecha Shogun Space Defender
    By True Barbarian Games
    Destruction Sequence Initiating..." You don't mess with the Shogun. Ever. Created as a robot weapon for justice in the galaxy, the Mecha Shogun can warp to any planet within seconds and engage enemies. TONS of enemies. The Mecha Shogun can fight entire armies!! Unleash destruction with the giant Shogun Sword, an energy-enhanced blade that can slice through almost anything. Mow down multiple enemies at once with the Shogun's Body Cannons attached to different parts of his metallic exoskeleton. Or, annihilate the tough bad guys with your plasma cannon. Got 5 minutes to spare? Want to take down thousands of bad guys with the Mecha Shogun's power?? Get ready to unleash ultimate destruction in this mini-game by True Barbarian Games!!
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