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    Space Warrior Chirin
    By True Barbarian Games
    Chirin is undergoing intense training, and after much hard work, he's finally developed his signature attack: the Chirin Disc! Chirin creates a razor sharp energy disc through sheer will power, which can slice through anything in its path. Through extreme concentration, skill, and timing, you can help Chirin power up his energy disc by tapping the targets on the screen. You will only get one chance per obstacle, so good luck! Chirin's Disc Enhancement training will begin in the desert, where he will slice clean through natural rock groves in the landscape. But will that be enough to satisfy him? Progress through the game, and you will be slashing through mountain tops, or even planets!! Reach new levels of power, and Chirin himself might even transform into his most legendary form: Super Chirin 3!
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