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    Adsteroid Avarice
    By True Barbarian Games
    GALAXY WARRIOR KAJEMA IS BACK AGAIN!!! Long ago, an Advertisement company experimented with making objects that, upon touch, would transmit brain signals to whoever is nearby and make them watch an advertisement. The idea was revolutionary: in everyday life, people could touch any object and be subject to watch Ads. However, experiments showed it was too dangerous. The hypnotic brain waves emitted by these objects were too powerful, and had to be carefully contained within asteroids, which were then abandoned in deep space. This group of millions of rocks was hence dubbed the "ADsteroid Field". Travelers know not to get near this dangerous zone, as contact with the rocks will immediately force any organic being to watch an Ad!! Having developed yet a new combat technique, the soul blast, Kajema dares to do the impossible - He is going to traverse theAdsteroid Field!! As a test to his mettle, Kajema will try to make it through the Adsteroid Field and return, alive. His new technique is specifically designed to destroy any material object, so use it to get out of tough situations. Will you help Kajema prove his might in the Adsteroid Field?? How long will you survive?! Make sure to check out more of Kajema in his original hit game, Galaxy Warrior Kajema, and his cameo appearance in Galaxy Bounty Hunters!
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