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    Galaxy Bounty Hunters
    By True Barbarian Games
    Dark Forces are spreading throughout the galaxy.... The galaxy is at war. Criminals are running rampant on planets all over the star system. As a bounty hunter, you earn your living hunting down the forces of darkness. It's a dangerous job, but the pay is good.
    Your adventure begins with San Yolo, a solo bounty hunter who has earned fame throughout the star systems during the period of galactic wars. As you embark on more difficult missions, you will recruit new bounty hunters to give the fight for justice a helping hand. Fight alongside Jooi Kaka, a Joontekian out for a vengeance. Having lived for 130 years, this warrior seeks to take down the cult of the Dark Space Samurai. Jooi Kaka has mastered a special fighting style using the Triple Laser Blaster to help combat against the Dark Space Samurai's laser swords. Recruit The Machiner, a mysterious bounty hunter whose goals, besides money, are unknown. His deadly state of the art machine laser rifle is feared among criminals across the star system. His weapon is so deadly, it has been outlawed in star war fare, but Galaxy Bounty Hunters can use one with special permission. If the battle gets rough, call the help of one of the legendary Space Samurai, Master Craig - a formidable ronin cast out by the council for engaging in bounty hunting activities. Space Samurai fight using a weapon called a laser sword, to slice down anything in their path. However, truly skilled space samurai who have reached the rank of master are able to attack their foes from afar by creating a Slice Wave with their laser sword. Finally, a warrior from another dimension has appeared seeking worthy opponents. That's right - GALAXY WARRIOR KAJEMA HAS RETURNED!! Having developed a new fighting technique, the Triple K Blast, Kajema is ready to test his powers in the world of Galaxy Bounty Hunters. Will there be more Bounty Hunters ready to join the fight?? It will be up to you to find out. You will have to engage in fast paced laser blaster fights to take down criminals in several missions. The stakes are high. Will you bring peace and order to the galaxy? Or will you be struck down along the way? BLAST EM'!!
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