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    Tap Infinite
    By Nepstar Games
    Tap and jump and get higher points
    "Tap Infinite" as the name suggest this game goes infinite and you can enjoy it. Its very simple to play.You just need to tap to go forward and score higher.As long as you survive and get higher the more you will score. You can collect coins and later they can be used to unlock "New Characters". Its simple to play but don't think you are alone there.There are enemy so try not to touch them. You can also enjoy different Challenge modes.At first we have "Time challenge mode" only where you have to collect as more as coin and score point they can in available time. More challenges will be added in future updates so be patient and wait for it. You can compare your score with the scores of different players and try to climb the leaderboard. Cause we(Nepstar Games) believe you can do it.
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