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Bombzone refueled
By bromske
“Bombzone refueled” is a kind of “Atomic Bomberman” clone. “Bombzone refueled” is an innovation of the old “Bombzone”. The old Bombzone was built by c++ and with its own small 2D Engine that was made for a display resolution of 800x600 pixel.
Presently, “Bombzone refueled” can be played with up to 10 players in the local multiplayer modus. There are 2 different themes (classic and tutorial) each with varying types of block-arrangements. The amount of special equipments represents 26 now; because of good ideas the extras will be extended significantly. There are 2 different variations of the game: the obligatory Deathmatch and the Colorize-Modus. That player or team of the Deathmatch-Modus who remains on the field at the end wins the game. That player of the Colorize-Modus wins the game after staining the most panels of the field with the help of his flames. The game hasn´t been finished yet, especially, the figures have to be built in a new way and the fine adjustment of the single levels have to be improved, but apart from that the game is already playable.
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