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My Tanks
By Envin Arts
My Tanks is a multiplayer 2D-game , available on iOS and Android , featuring online tank battles between 3 players . It's full of fun because it has different weapons that can help you destroy your enemies . It also has single player mode if you want to train yourself , but multiplayer is the most fun if played with your friends ! :D
My Tanks is an online multiplayer mobile game , featuring tank battles between 3 players . The battlefield is a maze , and that makes it a LOT of FUN to play, as all projectiles are bouncing off the walls ! You can play with random players, or with your friends, so invite them and play together in multiplayer mode ! Get the perfect stats for your tank by earning level points when you level up ! Find the perfect strategy and combination of stats in order to win as much tank battles as possible. You will fight against another two tanks every match. Only one can win ! Pick up amazing weapons like : + Rocket -> a rocket projectile which follows the closest enemy tank ! + Bomb -> a bomb which bounces off the walls and can be detonated to damage all the tanks inside the Area Of Effect (that can be yourself ) ! + Laser -> does what it says ! Bring on the snipers ! + Shield -> doest what it says ! Protect tanks for an amount of time ! A lot of cool stuffs will be added in time ! What are you waiting ? Bring your friends in this multiplayer game. Don't stay bored in classes. Join My Tanks and play multiplayer tanks now !
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