Minimal Brick Breaker
By Apprentice Soft
Minimal Brick Breaker is a remake of the classic arcade game Arkanoid, with a minimalist design.
Minimal Brick Breaker offers a new experience on this classic arcade game. As the name says it, the game is based on a minimalist design. The game is very simple and focuses on the gameplay. No score! No life count! On the game screens, there are only bricks, balls, and your pad. Each set of levels has its own set of colour, for a total of 150 colourful levels. For each level, you have 3 lives. Finish the game to unlock two special game modes: Microgravity Mode and Epileptic Mode! Features: - 175 levels - 3 types of bricks - 9 powerups - 2 special modes: Microgravity and Epileptic - 3 speeds

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