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SpinieBop Light
By SpinieBop
SpinieBop is an original game created to be easy to play, hard to master, there is no other game out there like it. The simplicity of the game play makes it easy for anyone to pick up and start playing straight away, although it looks simple, it can soon get quite demanding to stay alive and keep on popping !!
Translated into 10 languages English, 中国, 한국의, português, русский, 日本の, Deutsch, Español, français and tiếng Việt. Gravity stars push SpinieBop in all directions, you touch the screen to counter the force of gravity to guide where you want SpinieBop to go. SpineBops eyes look in the direction you want him to move. SpinieBop will explode when he either; 1. Touches or get too close to the wormhole when it is spinning. 2. Is outside the wormhole when it is spinning. 3. Does not pop at least 1 bonus within 2 worm hole open and closes.
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