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    Ninja Dude vs Zombies
    By AdoreStudio
    Bored waiting for a friend or just want to have a quick break? Then this cute arcade is your perfect way to relieve boredom and kill some time with ease!
    A brave ninja is trapped on a tower surrounded by hordes of bloody zombies. His only chance of surviving this zombie invasion is with the help of his thick-and-thin shurikens. The player’s main goal is to kill off as many zombies as possible by tapping on both sides of the screen. To score more points and generate combos the player should tap only after the zombie cross the death line! The game’s stand-out features: ● ENDLESS TAP'EM'ALL ACTION – dive right into smooth, nonintrusive hard-core action. Easy to start, hard to get unhooked; ● CUTE NINJAS - unlock more than 100 cute ninja heroes each with their own features and settings; ● SIMPLE & EASY CONTROLS; ● TRICKY GAMEPLAY – its fast-paced gameplay might seem easy at first, but it gets trickier as you go along; ● SHARE WITH FRIENDS - share a juicy zombie kill or record with your friends; ● DAILY MISSIONS - complete various daily missions and earn gold coins.
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