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Penguin Dash!
By Studio 989
Run & Jump your way through this simple yet addicting game.
Run & Jump your way through this simple yet addicting game. Game gets faster and harder the further you go. All you have to do is get as far as you can! HOW TO PLAY Jump from one platform to another, avoiding obstacles. • Hitting an obstacle removes 1 heart from your health bar. Lose 3 hearts and its Game Over. Collect Gems to increase your score. • Gems will increase your score by 1,000. Collect 5 Gems to restore health by one heart. • Hitting an obstacle will reset your Gem count back to 0. CONTROLS Tap screen to jump. A quick tap on the screen will produce a smaller jump while keeping hold of it will result in a bigger jump. *HINTS* • Tap screen anytime while in the air after the first jump to perform a double jump. • Time your double jumps! You don't have to use it immediately after jumping. • Running off the platform and performing a double jump can help you reach platforms further away.

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