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    Snaky the snake
    By jeudyx
    Help Snaky the snake advance into a world full of dangers! Eat the magic bouncing balls and it's body will grow and make it stronger. When you eat all the balls, the level's door will open and Snaky will move into the next level! Snaky will move automatically and will bounce off the walls, you can change its direction by swiping up, down, left and right, but be careful not hit rocks, deadly cactus plants, spikes and sharp ice blocks, or fall into endless pits!
    This hyperactive take on the classic slithering simulator tasks players with gobbling up enough dots to clear a stage as per usual however this time around there are giant buzzsaws, bottomless pits, and roving bands of fire to deal with in addition to the dots no longer being stationary targets. It’s up to players to chase these renegade rotundas down before the timer runs out while avoiding getting stuck on a prickly cactus or some other unpleasant obstacle despite their growing size. With its endearing retro design and challenging arcade gameplay Snaky is sure to get a *hiss* of approval from Snake fans everywhere!
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