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    By yonathgames
    You have to help Moshou going back to his spaceship. You only have to move tiles almost like Sokoban.
    Moshou, little alien, is ejected from his spaceship on Eath.. Help Moshou to get rid of different traps which keep him. To do this, simply drag the blocks up and down and right and left. 3 difficulty levels: -EASY: Moshou hasde lots of magical powers( Lightning destroying a simple block, atomic bomb destroying all simple blocks near Moshou, Teleport randomly on an empty square of the grid, blocking of the blocks to move only a block at a time). Moshou can gain power by touching a block "?" -MEDIUM: Moshou starts the game without being able to magic but can acquire one by level. -HARD: No magical power does help to Moshou. Using power consume stars You need stars to access finish levels! Graphics settings allow to adapt the details the performance of the smartphone or tablet. The "grille fixe configuration" will be adapted to small screens with low resolution. " 7 worlds, 70 levels!
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