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    By Thinkabstract
    Addictive Puzzle Game with Hundreds of Brain Teasers and Daily Brain Challenges
    Solve puzzles by guiding the circle to the glowing portal, using simple swipes to control the direction that it moves. You must find the best combination of swipes to move the circle to the portal. One wrong move and it’s all over! This game will really put your mind to the test with challenging levels that will make you always think about your next move. This fun puzzle game will test how good your problem solving skills really are. ★ Over hundreds of challenging levels to put your mind to the test with more being added all the time ★ Multiple ways to solve each puzzle, can you find the best solution? ★ Hint system that shows you the next three moves from your current position ★ Hours of mind boggling fun ★ Intuitive swipe controls ★ Teleports, directional and breakable blocks to twist your brain ★ Simple and clean interface free of unnecessary distractions ★ Seamless controls and game mechanics with beautiful graphics ★ Great for both Phones and Tablets ★ Small application size to respect your disk space ★ Games you can play offline ★ No annoying ads You can move the circle in four directions. Once you swipe, the circle will keep moving until it hits a block, where it will stop. You must find the best swipe combinations to direct the circle to the glowing portal in order to escape and move onto the next level. Each level gets progressively more difficult and requires more strategic thinking. Mindblox is perfect for people of all ages who love brain teasers and any of these genres: • Puzzle Games - Addictive daily brain challenge. • Sliding Puzzles - Use your finger to solve puzzles. • Maze Puzzle Games - Escape the maze. • Exam Prep - Train you brain to sharpen your mind. • Brain Teasers - Exercise your brain and test yourself. • Retro Games - Easy to learn but hard to master. • Family Puzzle Games - Fun for the whole family. We would like to hear from you. If you like the game, please rate it and leave a comment. We hope you enjoy Mindblox!
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