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    Hard Survive
    By JemyJan
    Do you like the challenges ? Come take place in this adventure that will challenge your nerves ! Rediscover a real survival game without help, without backup, and dangers all around you. Between construction, survival, craft, and tactics, you're going to have to make the right choices to not die !
    In "Hard Survive" you will play a character who must survive in a hostile place. You'll have to build a camp and get food and water to hope to survive until the arrival of reinforcements. "Hard Survive" is not a classic survival game, because the gameplay mechanics have been reviewed. To survive you will have to do rituals for nature, otherwise it will not provide you with any materials! Sadic this little nature ... Here are some examples : - Your movement speed is based on your "stamina" to you then to manage to not find you do to your enemies without being able to escape. - Do not think your encampment is safe ... enemies can, and go, attack you! It's up to you to defend yourself. - The weather will also be part of the game. Do not get sick because of the rain ... Be careful because the hoodlums can really hurt ... - Try to spare your medicines ... An injury is quickly arrived and the enemies can really hurt you! - And last tip ... Do not eat too much raw food, poisoning kills quickly. You will have understood this game is not addressed to all those players who likes to have a good big tutorial and who likes to win their survival part without doing anything! Here is a list of the features present in the game for its release : - Weather system that affects your health, the health of your buildings (the hail wreaks havoc) and affects your survival. - A Night and Day system that reduces your visibility at night and who knows ... The enemy prefers to attack the night? Or the day ... I do not know. - To you to manage your health, stamina, hunger and thirst to not die ... - Enemies that can kill you in a few strokes, forget the damage to the "COD", taking 50 bullets without dying! There are challenges and real challenges - It's up to you to build and manage your camp. crafting system to allow you to defend and extend your camp .. (Not too much either ...) - You think you have unlimited bullets? A knife will suffice, and the bullets maybe a once in a while! - Other
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