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    Grief Trigger
    By Indignation Studios
    Inspired by my own grief journey, join Azrael and The Ghost on an indie adventure to put grief in a grave. Explore your hometown for grief triggers that distorted memories of your late father. Survive the bullet hells and puzzles inside to make those memories nostalgic again instead of painful.
    Take a stroll down memory lane as Azrael to remember the good times he and his father had by culling the nightmares imprisoning them. Guided by an old journal, search 6 levels to uncover grief triggers and eliminate Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs) within them. Asymmetric Turn-Based Combat: The player and ANT share a health bar and fight for total supremacy over it. Player Phase: Intercept the ANT by selecting the correct locations on the field to regain health. Enemy Phase: Survive bullet hells by dodging incoming projectiles and solving puzzles to prevent the ANT from taking back health. Achieve victory by claiming the entire health bar or outlasting all enemy phases. Other Features: Nonlinear Progression: Complete the grief triggers in any order you'd like. Concise Experience: Playtime to completion ranges from 2.5 - 5 hours. Comfy-Style Illustrations. Fully Voiced Cutscenes. Day/Night Cycles.
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