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Sticks & Stones
By BasetisIO
Set in the near future, Sticks & Stones is a reality show where you have to make your way through different stages to obtain the Big Prize. You have to gather and hunt to eat, you have to find a way to keep yourself hydrated, you have to build weapons and tools; all while you defend yourself against these freakin' robots called Holo-balls, that even though dumb looking and slow are capable of some serious ♥♥♥ kicking. What do you think? Are you ready?
GamePlay: It's really simple—but that doesn't mean easy, does it?—: defeat all bosses and get out. Gather resources and supplies to craft weapons and feed yourself. Just get ready to be defeated for the battle. ROGUELIKE Permadeath Procedurally generated zones Non-linear runs COMBAT Range and melee weapons Shield to defend and to counter back enemies projectiles Sprint and Dash movements Fast combat equipment swapping Stamina management Our motto is "easy to play, hard to master" CRAFTING Experimentation and discovery of crafting combinations Recipes log book for fast-crafting of learnt items Unique crafting system based on ingredients+tool combinations Crafting of amazing weapons from both natural and hi-tech elements (*) SURVIVAL Survival system indicators (hunger and dehydration) Exploration and hunting for supplies Limited resources (so be careful with wasting anything!) Secret survival stashes for improving your options (*) We are on Greenlight now. Vote us:
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