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    WTC Relentless Protagonist SxS
    By Triority
    Grendel Jinx and her "friend" must work together to find a way out of a strange school, where pupils and teachers alike are being killed in mysterious circumstances. Can they both stay alive long enough to work out what is going on and escape ?
    The protagonist and Grendel Jinx are forced to work together - due to the machinations of Grendel's mother - in order to stop an enemy group from launching a devastating weapon on the world. Unfortunately, the mission does not go to plan, and both the protagonist and Grendel find themselves trapped in the "Pleasant Grove Secondary School", where everyone believes they are transfer students. After the initial shock, the pair gradually get to know their classmates, and things seem to be going well - at least for a short time. However, it's not long before teachers and classmates alike are meeting violent ends. If neither the protagonist nor Grendel wants to become another casualty, a way out of their predicament is needed. Will the protagonist and Grendel be able to solve the mystery ? Are the murders caused by invisible aliens called the 'Enemies Of Civilisation' or something more mundane ?
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