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    Vermin God
    By Neuroticfly Games
    Inspired by the SCP Foundation's SCP-027 ("The Vermin God"), Vermin God is a insect horror multi-path visual novel where your choices matter.
    In this game, you make choices based from the information and various story elements that you gather and the outcomes of your previous choices. Every choice truly matter as the narrative is carefully crafted to produce an immersive interactive horror experience in the visual novel medium that haven't been done before. You play the story of Sye Mejia; an 18-year old girl infected by an unknown diseased dubbed as Anomaly 270 or the Vermin God Disease. Not much is still known regarding this mysterious disease beside from the fact that it enigmatically attracts animals that can be labelled as "vermin" into the victim's body and surrounding vicinity. Rats, roaches, worms and various other insects of sort gather around the victim, producing what can only be seen as a living human infestation. Sye's story begin as she woke up in a mysterious science facility hidden underground in some forest without any memory or recollection of why she got there. As she explore and navigate this facility, she experiences the strange symptoms of her disease, alongside the weird anomalies of the facility she woke up in. While you slowly uncover the strange secrets of this unknown facility, you encounter various begins of anomalous nature. What could be waiting for you once you make your way out?
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