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    Espada de Sheris: Beta Chapter One
    By SketBR
    Launch the best RunAttack&ParkourMode????
    About The original indie videogame 2D platformer focused on parkour beta created in 2020 that tells the story of the future of 4000 the cat Kibo Butterboard Ansakamon viewing crystals power was stolen by Sovereign Stickers alien demon What SketBR? Alexander Kuriyama Tadei (SketBR) is born 02/03/2005 in Brazil with autism, He like Creative and Cyborg and computing technology, but with 14 year old, created A Lenda dos MAMs, it was failure, presistent person, SketBR create a Espada de Sheris beta in 2020, now is viewing sucess. Actual +2000 views on Twitter and Imgur Game Lore In a future 4000’s, have Cats socielity (Ground/Solo) and demons aliens socielity (OverWorld/SubMundo), humans dont’s exists (humans extermined by demons aliens) Stickers want release dream of great-grandfather (Dark Bones I) Actual being Sovereign for OverWorld with actual family Princess Sabrity and Mara Queen Devil. Kibo is adversary for Stickers, Kibo save the worl, Stickers fails plans for dominate Ground and power. Play beta game: https://sketbr.itch.io/eds #SGTVA
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