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    Beacon of Neyda
    By GhostDev
    In a world where a robot revolution failed, the last humans search for a way to survive and escape. Beacon of Neyda is a side-scroller strategy game where you have to survive waves of enemies while creating and upgrading your base. Build where you want - Defend what you can.
    The “rusty ones” roam the dead lands of this world, their revolution failed but the world is in ruins, help humanity to escape. Beacon of neyda is a strategy game where you have to build and defend your base from waves of enemies. Manage to repair the main towers of the bases to win and create safe spaces but be careful, fighting alone is not always the best option, defend yourself and protect the core of your base at all costs. Explore different abandoned locations and be careful as your surroundings can also be dangerous. Research new technologies to improve your constructions and discover the history behind this world, its truths and its lies. In Beacon of Neyda you are the last hope of this world… Are you up to the challenge?
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