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    Essence Of The Tjikko
    By tjikkodev
    Explore a retro 3D fantasy world in Essence Of The Tjikko. Deep in a underground botanic lab, an hybrid plant child wakes up with no memory.Solve the puzzles and brave the traps in a 7 floor dungeon with more than 30 rooms.Will you find the sunlight? Available in 10 languages
    Welcome to the first chapter of Essence Of The Tjikko ! As an plant-child hybrid with a hummingbird friend, solve puzzles in an enigmatic botanical lab tower. Run, jump, climb, swim, push & pull, ... Use every skills you have to get through other 30 rooms ! Unlock secret items and hidden upgrades and you may see the light of the sun. This game is the prologue version, and can be completed within 1 or 2 hours. This episode is complete on its own and is the first part of a bigger story. As a sprout, upward is the only way ! Follow the hero in its quest to understand its origins and the connections it has with other plants. They react around it and the hero can feel the ether flowing around. Its health is also its stamina, so you need to take care like a fragile bud. This 7 floor dungeon hides many secrets, and good luck to unravel them. Use your abilities to spot them and make your way to the exit. Every way is the right one, and you might find rewards around the corner. Plants can have strange shapes, but this laboratory has some really weird ones. Computers, doors, cable cars, bridges, chairs, ... You will explore a vast cabinet of curiosities ! But first, you will need to understand their operation if you want to progress. With the old tv ratio, low fidelity textures, and sharp 3D models, this game is a love letter to 2000's 3D games. Nostalgia wont recreate the past, but can amuse the present... Music by Philippe Reinhart
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