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    Dark Matter Dimensions
    By SunshineInc
    Dark Matter Dimensions is an original casual roguelike / roguelite battle game where you must eliminate the different monsters that appear randomly in each of the dimensions. The objective is to reach the end of this dangerous path between dimensions using the weapons that you will have as a reward for defeating your enemies.
    How to play The game is casual and easy. You just have to press the enemy to use a random weapon that has 3 power levels (normal, empowered and critical). Then you have 2 seconds to dodge the enemy's action if you think it's the best time by swiping left or right. The attack and defense of the player and the enemy are put face to face to calculate the damage. You can also upgrade your attributes and unlock new amulets for a better chance of finishing your journey by using Dark Matter at the start of each challenge. Adapt your strategy In Dark Matter Dimensions you have 3 ways to change your strategy: Amulets give you effects that you can take advantage of when traveling through dimensions Each weapon has a special feature that can be enhanced with equipped stones by varying its attack and defense At the end of each battle, you can heal yourself (Flashback) or you can improve your attributes with an associated punishment (Distortion) If you love roguelike / roguelite style games with increasing difficulty and are looking for a fun casual game, Dark Matter Dimensions is a game that fits the bill. What do we find in Dark Matter Dimensions? Graphic style that mixes classic and modern Random-based battle mechanics and understanding of weapons Roguelike / roguelite with random selection of enemies More than 35 weapons with their own characteristics More than 30 amulets to combine in each trip Unlock secrets for the most daring players
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