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    Roll A Ball
    By Mack Mack Studios
    Roll A Ball is the remarkable rolling ball game. Do not be confined to predetermined paths or boring floors. You deserve something new.
    Tired of the old rolling games that restrict you? For this reason, Roll A Ball was created. Discover Roll A Ball now. An original rolling game. Whether you are trying to pass the time or battling for the top position on the leaderboards, Roll A Ball is an awesome way to test your skills. ⚡️ How to play ⚡️ 👉 Just tilt your device. 👉 Collect stars by rolling across the moving disks. 👉 If the ball leaves the screen or if it falls off a disk - it's GAME OVER! 👉 Stay alive and smaller size disks will appear. The smaller the disk - the bigger the score! 👉 Be aggressive to get 2X or 3X Combos that will boost your score. ⭐️ Features ⭐️ ✋ Easy one-handed control. 📱 Sensitivity options to give you better control. 🏅 Achievements that award the highly desired Magna-Shield that will jack up your score. 🌎 Compete for the high score on Social and Global Leaderboards. Watch out! The disks have edges that will push you off, ending your high score run and destroying that valuable Magna-Shield.
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