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    Marbleus block puzzle
    By elmiguel
    -Simple and easy marble games UI/UX -Breathtaking color puzzle game graphics -Hyper casual color matching game designed to test reflex -Varying speeds of sort puzzle alien marble rows for challenging fun -100 tile matching levels to keep you entertained for hours -Enjoy all features in online more and limited features in offline mode -Multiple color matching game boosters to solve tougher levels -Collect gems and stars to use them and unlock new sort puzzle boosters
    Quick casual game with action puzzle solving. Defeat the alien marbles! Are you looking for a match puzzle game that tests your speed? You have landed the right place! This hyper casual color matching game combines the rules of a traditional match puzzle with a twist of test reflex speed gaming action. Your goal in this tile matching game is to prevent the alien invasion 👽 by matching and popping as many similar colored alien marbles as possible in this sort puzzle color matching game. As one of the most intense marble games, this sort puzzle game is promised to keep you hooked to your screen for hours! Try Marbleus Block puzzle now! 🚀   Test Reflex in a Challenging Match Puzzle 🐱‍🏍🥇🎮 Forget the boring game controls as this hyper casual game brings something new and extremely challenging for you. Take control of your quick reflexes and act as quickly as you can to align the marbles falling down in the correct order. The marble games rows will be sent in a number of multiple marbles and you must swipe to align the marbles in the right order to solve the match puzzle.    Act Quickly To Pop Marbles 😎 Match 3 or more same colored marbles in this color matching game to pop them and make space for new ones. This color puzzle game has a very simply game play with challenging rules so you can enjoy it for hours to come. The rows of alien marbles will continue to fall down and you must think + act quickly to align the marbles in the correct order so that they match the marbles placed below. The quicker you act, the more marbles you can align and the more rewards you will collect.    Exciting New Game Boosters 💣 Take charge of your tile matching gaming action with exciting new game boosters available in this sort puzzle. As you collect stars and gems in this color puzzle game, you will be able to unlock tile matching game boosters such as TNTs, fire poppers, grenades, bombs, Color vanish and more. Use these boosters to either pop all marbles of same color
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