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    By ConsoleLabs
    Zorro, Yandere-Chan, Teslakid, Cole Black, Breakbone and more in one fighting game! Be the last man standing in this intense and action packed platform fighter. Frequent content updates, unique characters and tons of unlockables. When you're fighting, be sure to Go All Out!
    Go All Out! : Greatest warriors from different worlds, games, movies and even comic books have been summoned to fight on a dead planet - Cadread - and save it from a 1000-year old threat. Go All Out is a 3D platform fighting game with support up to 8 local or online players and many game modes. Core Game Features: - Original and guest characters (and stages) from games and comic books: Join the 100th anniversary of Zorro and celebrate with him Play as Cole Black - a mercenary with amnesia from Get Even (Bandai Namco/Farm51) Relive your childhood with comic book hero - Breakbone 'the Fearful' from Kayko & Kokosh comic series Grab your rocket launcher and play as Raptor from 'Raptors Online' Zap enemies with the Last Teslamancer - Teslakid - Advanced game mechanics like combo breakers, wall bounce, dash, dodge, special gauge overstack, air chaining and more - Unlockable playstyle variations for characters changing how the character plays and feels - Unlockable equipment, win and lose poses, colors and more - Different game modes - Constant updates
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