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    By Vaughn Xavier Haynes
    An indie RPG where a child awakens on a strange planet with their memories erased. As they travel the planet in search of the truth, they meet various characters and enemies that they can befriend or destroy in turn-based combat, with their choices affecting the tone and the story.
    Stratospiel is a turn-based RPG for Windows and Mac. Although, the combat is a little different than fans of the genre are used to. Use key items you pick up along the way to attack your enemies. Charge up your attacks for extra damage. Defeat your enemies to increase your ATK. or... Talk to your enemies to defend yourself. Listen to their stories, work through their problems, and help them out in microgame-style minigames. Befriend your enemies to increase your DEF. Your enemies will be on the offense. Use your timing to dodge and deflect their attacks. Each enemy is an individual, so choose carefully with who you attack or befriend. The choices you make will determine the path you take to solve the mystery.
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