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    Orbital Racer
    By ConsoleLabs
    A unique combination of space and racing sims. Choose between fast-paced, explosive action or more realistic simulation where drifting around every corner becomes more than just a gimmick - it's a necessity. Race through distinct locations such as the rings of Saturn or orbital city on Venus.
    In space no one can hear you drift... Orbital Racer is a single-player racing simulator set in space. It combines the freedom of movement of 6DOF space simulators and the thrills of racing. The game offers two distinctive game modes: ACTION This mode is all about fast, satisfying gameplay. Jump into the cockpit, and use your speed and available powerups (that include explosive missiles and mines) to beat your opponents. SIMULATION This mode puts much more emphasis on realism. All ships abide by the Newtonian laws of physics with plausible thruster forces. It makes flying much more challenging but uniquely satisfying as well because you'll be sliding sideways at the limits of controls most of the time. Other main features of the game: - fully customizable controls - 8 distinct locations, all based on real places from our Solar System - a total of 24 tracks - a full, playable flight school for Simulation mode. - 3 different ship models, each with additional 3 variants - a challenging yet flexible AI - customizable races - a compelling career mode
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