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    Animal Rivals
    By ConsoleLabs
    Grab your friends, pick up some gamepads and fight! There can be only one ruler!
    The players will have a chance to play as different funny animals, made in a grotesque way like the 80s and 90s TV shows, that fight for Animalonia's throne. Each animal has its own desires and reasons to fight and uses its own way of fighting. But the tournament itself is not easy – contenders need to use their speed, cleverness, and intelligence. • 4 player fun - play solo or with friends! • Arcade mode with a story for every character - Find out why do they fight! • Different game modes - Destroy, Catch, Collect or Run your way to victory! • Over 15 stages with variations in-game and growing! • Four different animals to start with... • ... and many more to unlock up to 10 characters at start • Additional unlockables like costumes and colors in the game (tons of unlockables) • Return of classic party game genre • Unique graphics bringing together satire and cartoon characters • Game is a growing party games platform - updated at least once a month with new content!
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